hello kitty cat
2003-03-12 07:06:36 (UTC)

spider house

I just got back from Spider House..I'm not chilling at
Alex's....We had a good time--we just sat around and
played gin. We wouldn't have come back so soon if it
wasn't for this weirdo guy who just decided to come sit
down with us...Alex got up and was like "I have to go to
the bathroom..." so I was there--sitting....with this
stupid guy...and he was all "Yeah I'd rather lick a pussy
than have're have a boyfriend
right? because women as beautiful as you HAVE to be
taken..all though you could be one of those beautiful
women that are so good looking that men are afraid to come
up to them and talk to them---well--not me! I'm straight are you takeN?" and I was all "Yes..very
taken...and so is my friend...sorry..." and he's all "so
do you wanna fuck then?" and I'm like .."no, I'm really
not interested" and he's goes " least
your straight forward..." and then all of a sudden...the
phone rings..and it's Alex..
alex:hey it's me....I'm in the hospital come get me
me: oh no hospital how terrible
alex:yes, by hospital I mean the counter at spider house---
grab my bag when you leave
kelly: oh wow you just got home from the hospital ---oh
yes, alex is here..she's in the bathroom...I'll get her
and we'll be right over...

so I go and tell the guy that my friend got into a really
terrible car wreck and now Alex and I have to go see
her...because she just got to leave the
I even pulled a "Mike Temple" move and said "MY FRIEND IS
IN TROUBLE!" I thought that was funny...