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2003-03-12 06:58:34 (UTC)

¤ Young Dad ¤

Whats really going on in my head about my father...

Well lets father is also a cancer, born in
july we are both very stubborn father
had a very dramatized life...his father was killed when he
was a young teenager....although his father had
schizophrenia from post dramatic war syndrome and had
parts of his brain removed...generally i hear good things
about this man..his wife on the other hand just
sucked...evidentally she had some enemy of the greek mafia
kill my grandfather ( although we could never prove it)
with his truck and a pipe outside a bar on a double payday
( he got a check from the govt. and from the plant he
worked at.) Kinda eerie if you think about of
your family linked to a mafia of any
sort....eeekk!!! my father went to school
all his life in Forest City Iowa...he was a nerd..lets
face it...he was best buds with the chemistry teacher...he
had keys to the cabinets for crying out loud...lets jump
off this i dont want his stories to become
say the father was sheltered...hes only slept
with one other woman in his life...and it was his best
friends wife..who soon got pregnant...some think it might
be my fathers..they look similar or something i dont i might have an older brother out there!!!!

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