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2003-03-12 06:50:57 (UTC)

¤ The History ¤

Yah tell me this isnt so freakin bored that im
catching ya'll up to my present crazy life...ha...

I guess while i was still living in Iowa there was alot
going on for family is so fucked up...right from
my parents start of there courtship, shit hit the ceiling
as they would mothers father immigrated to the
states from germany sometime in the early 1900's i dont
for sure at the the time im talking
about he was one of the ceo's of winnebego industries(the
mobile homes) and my mother was one of the sec's or
something payroll i think...and my father worked in stitch
craft...(you will eventually read that i have mixed
emotions about this man) fathers mother hated
my mothers family tremedously...shes a total bitch i dont
even give her the respect of a title...Eloise Hines or if you are ever in Idependence Iowa area
steer clear of this women...ha...18 years of
marriage...comes with a price.....

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