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2003-03-12 06:43:40 (UTC)

¤The Start¤

Well lets see...this whole she-bang started out in
Iowa...i was born July 2,1985 in the town of Mason
city...and i lived there until i was about was an
adventure at the brother is like 16 months
younger than i am so we were really buddy was
totally awesome...i still have dreams about the miller
house that we lived in..It was a huge house...looking at
it 2 years ago it looks like a piece of shit...really
small...anyhoo...this house had three levels including the
creepy basement where we had to take showers....i was so
terrified...can you imagine a 5 year old having to go
downstairs into this creepy, moldy, dark basement to take
a shower?!?!? i opted for baths to say the least about