Babi B

Babi B
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2003-03-12 05:09:33 (UTC)

First Entry

Ok the reason I set up this diary thing was so i could like
let out basically everything on my mind so i would be more
calm and stuff like that. Well today was my first practice
for my AAU basketball team. It was alot of fun and I met
alot of people. But anyways moving back a little. I am a
frshmen in a public high school. And this is the first time
I been in a public school, so when I first went I didn't
really ahve any friends bt now I have alot and my dad is
talking about transfering me out of my school and in to a
different school next year. All of this is for basketball.
And I do admit I luv basketball but I didn't appreciate my
dad calling other caoches and talking to them about me. I
mean i chose what High School I wanted to go to and now he
trying to change everything. So I am upset by that. And
then to top it off my dad has arrange for a coach from a
different hgih school to come watch me and play and see if
I mgiht want to come and play for the school next year. And
then my dad talk to another caoch who is feeling out papers
for me to go his school and I am just like, "Do I have any
say in this?" and then my dad was like you have to make the
decision of staying in your current high school or
transfering to a different high school in the next 30 days.
Well tansfering high school is a big deal and I ahve to
decide in 30 days. But knowing my dad he won't probably
even listen to me and decide "whats best for me" even
though he doesn't know whats best for me because he isn't
me. Oh yea and theres one more thing, my dad wants me to go
out on the playground and shoot with him. He doesn't
understand how much I hate that! I mean first of all I ahve
practice 3 nights a week about 2 hours each and then 5
games on the weekends. So my dad is going to take me out
when i am free! I am only free 2 nights a week and I am
gonna get stuck playing basketball with my DAD instead of
maybe going out with friends or what I orginally wanted to
do, get a job. My dad always complains about me needing
money and when i finally am willing to go out and get a job
on the nights I am free he decides he going to make me play
more basketball. This all really sucks because my grades
are droping, I have decide on my high school next year
soon, and I have to decide which team i want to play for.
So i been really stressful lately and haven't been able to
get to sleep at night. And this is all my fathers fault and
it really makes me mad!