champagne supernova
2003-03-12 04:49:02 (UTC)


yes so .. im at school right now using someone elses
computer and i have not one myself.... it sucks more ass
then i can explain ... oh well angela felt she had to
take every littel single god darn part of my computer
just to retain my dignity.... ok so its old.. but it
works.. so she needs to shut up casue now im using this
foreign keyboard and it sucks so muhc . well anywho
everyone is doing fab on j&h and i am so i n awe of all of
them ... all of them they all sound amazing and i just hope
to be a part of it myself one day soon *sigh* ...sure thats
gonna happen lol jk i never know right>? so anyways
umm.. yea i am a bit upset with my boyfriend but i dont
know how to explain it ot him .. ya know? i mean... like..
i am so incredibly disappointed in him . it feels to that
he isnt even tryingt o come out here this up and comming
break. he keeps forgetting to get his school calender...and
i just ..thats fishy to me casue if he really wanted to
come i would think that it would be something that would
cross his mond when he walks into school in the morning..
but no .. he is repeadativly forgetting ..and that is
just weird.. and he has the $ , but he hasnt mentioned to
his mom that he needs to borrow her credit card.. or that
he is supposedly comming in less then a month /... so yes..
every time i talk to him now im incredibly sad...and i
cant hide it from hiom very well... and he asks whats
wrong...but i dont want to tell him for some reason...
casue i know he will be upset that i am mad at him ..and i
dont want to casue him problems...but i am soooooo
incredibly disappointed in him. i just know he isnt comming
and he isnt telling me. and to top it all off i know he
dosnt give a shit about me right now i know it for sure..
i just can tell and it hurts since i have ben thinking
about him every waking second of the day and he dosnt
even care ....or at least that is what it feels like...oh
well what can i do ...speak my mind...??? yea, right,
sure. it will help...... well..not really.

unhappy and waiting..