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2003-03-12 04:43:17 (UTC)

Hello again...It's me

hey it's been way too long once again. Some shit went
down yesterday, but I got it fixed. I deleted the major file
for my video project. I must have done it when I was
fighting with computer 14 over issues with my other
video project I decided to start. The fucking thing
wouldn't do what I wanted it to. I was ready to kill, but I
wanted to make it work. In the process I moved a
bunch of files to computer 10 to store them there. I
must have deleted my major file or something. I do not
know how it could have happened. I got that issue
resolved yesterday and it is back to what it was in all it's

Right now I am copying the whole project from
computer 14 to number 11 so I can work on it. I am too
damn nice to kick the girl off of 14 who is using it. Plus I
am still pissed of at 14. I hope 11 is better. It has
served me well previously. I just hope it can export my
whole movie ok. The thing is like 16 minutes long.
Well it will be when I add my credits at the end. I
realized that there are two other things I wanted to add
that I need to make at home. A frame that says I made
the project and I wanted to put a scan of the program
from Auntie's funeral in as the first image...or maybe the
last. I'll figure it all out in the end.

Right now I am rock'n Placebo Pure Morning. I've got
song one...Pure Morning...on repeat. I love this song so
much. I want to make a video to go with it. I think it
would be cool to do a strip tease to it or something. I'll
consult someone on that.

I would talk to Dave about it, but to be honest we haven't
talked much this week. He messaged me right as I
was leaving to get food last night. When I got back he
was offline. Today he must have messaged me right
after I left for class. I messaged him right as he was
leaving work so that was no good.

All I know is he is really looking into rings for his girl.
Like an engagement ring. I hope he comes to his
senses and waits a little longer. Oh say a couple
months or something. What the fuck do I know though.
All I know is I want him to wait a bit, but I am not sure if
I'm being serious or selfish.

I miss the heck out of him, but I can't seem to tell him

I am not a happy camper right now. I am reszing all my
images. They were pixilating at the size they were. I
hope things are ok now. I hope I have not made them
too small now. If need be I can live in the lab tomorrow
and get things all figured out. I do not want to do that.

Oh well. Shit happens and I should have been in here
over the weekend. If I had done that things would be
working fine now because it would be done. I am
considering outputing to a vhs tape tomorrow. I think it
will go faster than trying to make a quicktime file which I
am guessing will be too big to fit on a disk anyway.

I know how much people don't like to read novels from
me, but tough luck. If you have read this far then I thank
you. I should give you a hug or something for your

I just suddenly had the oddest sensation that today
really was Monday and Tuesday hadn't happened yet. I
do not want to live through the hell that was today
another time.

Ok. My smaller images are still coming out pixilated. I
do not know what the deal is. I made them a lot
smaller and they still don't work right. I hope it is fine
when I output to vcr tomorrow.

This novel is going to get longer I can tell. I think I am
going to go home and crash after this. Just go straight
to bed and get up early tomorrow. I am sick of working
on this project. I guess I waited a little too long to make
sure it all worked right. I have everything in order minus
the two or so things I want to add.

The only thing I can think of to do is change the dpi on
the images. I have it set at 300, but maybe that is too
big. If that is the case then it will be simple enough to
go back and change that. If that does not work then I
am SOL. I'll just have to turn in what I have and call it
good enough!

If you couldn't tell I am getting frustrated. I am going
nuts right now and it is not fun. I am going to go home
and have a shot of 151 before going to bed.

I am going home now. Good night.