Witnesspals Writings
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2003-03-12 04:06:13 (UTC)

As I walk on the beach a lone..

As I walk on the beach a lone at night
And gaze upon the stars everything seems right
my bare feet feel warm in the sand
I wish I had you there holding my hand
The warm breeze caresses my face
my features are traced my wisps of hair falling down onto
my face
my eyes are dark and mysterious under the moon light
the waves clashing against the rocks like they are battling
a fight
The tide comes up every once in a while erasing my
footprints like they were my past
Wishing I could bottle up this moment so forever it would
Wishing on every star I see
That someday I'd have you here with me
holding your hand in mine
and every once in a while in my hair your hands you'd
Your bright white smile flashing in the darkness of the
Everything at that moment feeling just right
I have to stand on my toes to kiss your soft lips
as you trace my face with your fingertips
Could this wish ever come true
Could I ever be with you
As I walk from the beach
my thoughts I retrack
as slowly to reality I fall back
The sand is still warm between my toes
and I realize you can't plan out how things in life go
but it never hurts to gaze upon the stars at night
to try to make all your wishes and dreams come true to make
your life seem right


( Has to be the girliest poem ever written)