Witnesspals Writings
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2003-03-12 03:46:10 (UTC)

Poem 26

Poem 26
What do I want from life?
What do I truly desire....
but to lessen the need,
and to quench the fire
that burns in the wannings of my soul,

I long for one to share the beauty that I find,
in every waking moment
in every blade of grass,
I search what seems eternity,
to feel only anothers embrace.....
a lovers kiss....
to feel our hearts a race,
what sheer ecstacy that would be

why do I roam the nights alone,
writhing in agany from the pain
that the one I found had caused,
ripped away in but an instant,
sorrowful my taste, bitter is my love,

searching and alone
the time is not right,
my displeasure a constant reminder,
of loves stinging bite,

I write these words,
to help you understand,
maybe you feel the same as I do,
for God I wish it not,
but if perhaps, you do,
remember you are not alone......
for when you look at the star filled night,
I gaze on those very stars,
and maybe if just for an instant...
despite the miles that seperate us,
we lock hand in hand,
and there we do stand,
a monument against the waves of sorrow,
and know one thing,
despite all else,
I do love you


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