my life, my love and my happiness?
2003-03-12 02:08:28 (UTC)

buisy day......

Yeah today was fun I was dressed up like avril and
everyone hated it.. haha not really but that is ok it was
all fun and games. Art was fun tiff came in late and umm
I got nothing done. In photography we ran out of paper so
I couldent develop pics;…… ceramics I stayed in lunch and
sold dance tickets with liz and cheecha. We didn’t sell
any but it is ok… um kenny is fuking awsome and rich rocks
my world…. And I am marring matt scott..... it is
official. Amber broght in the riddlin kids cd for me.
Wohoo!!!!! I am so happy I love that girl she is great.
And umm lets see english sucked ass…. The GodFather is
soooo boring., let me tell you. Then I left at ten of 2
and went to see the shrink. It went good we talked about
my driving and my job… and ass hole and how I hate him and
shit like that. Then I went tanning while my mom went to
the store… I got out and talked to maria till my mom got
there. Haha cant wate till Thursday. Ughhh… haha… then we
came home made tacos and I had like 10 of them… sooo good
I love tacos. And no I have to go to tutering… fun fun… I
will bbl to talk to yall…. Later im out like umm a candle
on a b-day cake…. I think.
Listing to: juliana theory
p.s . my feet smell!!!!!!

I just got back form tutoring…. I love it. Lori is awsome.
We worked on correcting my math A then we went to the
library and printed out some more tests and she looked up
bedding stuff for kira.... her little girl. She is so
cute. And then she brought me home. I really think that
this is gonna help me…. Thank got b/c I need to graduate.
Oh and korin was there. I havent seen that girl in an
age. She has been really sick I guess. But yeah I have to
go finish up my home work and take a shower cuz I smell.
Lol not really but.... And umm corn toasty’s for
breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!l Im out!

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