duhs world
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2003-03-12 01:37:54 (UTC)

what a night

it all started the same me getting out of work adn not
being able to get int ouch with someone but i got over it
really quickly when i got to hang out with him i love him
so much and it feels that he has no interest but if he
didn't y would he keeop me around so he must. so i hope
maybe me telling him how i feel might work.
i started out on this aventure to earn ur trust back
well i am busting my ass on getting it back and i hope its
working. i am not like most girls i know i fucked up and
i know that i lost all ur trust when i did what i did and
i am sorry for everything. i will earn that money to get
u what u need ur barings, tires, rotation, subs, deck, and
anything else u need for ur car. even if it takes alot of
money and a while but u will get it. even if i have to
put a down payment on ur car that u buy. i am starting to
save after ur bday cuz u will have a great night friday
night. i am just hopeing that i will even get u to
realize that i am not that bad. i have realized that
already about u, i am putting things u do or did behind
me. i am just hopeing what u have said to me is true cuz
i have my hopes sky high cuz i do want u back and like i
have told u i will do anything to get u back. and i mean
anything, even if it takes awhile. i am workign on
getting u a watch and w/e ealse u ever could think of u
need or want cuz i know as well as u know that u have me
whipped more then a women that has been beaten by her b/f
or husband, no punintented in other words he has never hit
me. i mean no matter how much i piss u off u seem to
always be there for me no matter how much i bitch and
complain on the phone to u. i am glad that u have alway
done that and i think u will also. i am just hopeing that
i wont chase u away but i care and love u so much i never
want to see u hurt.

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