flying through the scenery
2003-03-12 01:34:07 (UTC)

i've mastered the dance

i woke up to a loud pounding at my door. i trudged
downstairs only to find out that my brother wasn't up yet
for school, and i was the one who had to get him. gah,
what a wonderful way to spend break.

so sick of everything.
this kid at my school had this super duper serious
girlfriend. i was so happy that someone could be so in
love at just 15, but i was wrong. he broke up with her,
and once everyone knew, two girls decided to go stalker on
him and gang rape him (not literally). so they were pretty
much "competing for his love" and they became really fake.
everything they said or do was completely unlike them and
they left people feeling like shit. i decided that none of
them were worth my time and i tried to ignore them, but
then i find out that the guy and one of the girls are
going out. i thought that it woudldn't phaze me, but it
does, and i hate it.


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