2003-03-11 23:39:47 (UTC)

my day so far

ok so my day has been going really well so far. only one
thing happened that would have normally bothered me but
not today, i'm still too hapy from my baby's response.
well anyway not too much happened today. later on i think
i'm gonna stop at my church and talk something out with
someone, cuz if i don't handle it soon i'm gonna blow my
lid. and the reason i'm going to my church to do this is
because i know that's where they'll be. this person really
needs to be straightened out, there is a limit to
everything but love. there is no limit for my love with
damian, i will never stop loving him and he knows it. for
those of u who want to know any decisions we made, we were
considering a wedding on the beach, i'm thinking about
designing my own dress, no more than 300 ppl will be
invited, we want a fairly small wedding, just friends and
family. and no there has not been a date set yet. it most
likely won't be anytime too soon.****baby if ur reading
this which u probably r, i love you more than life itself
sexy and i will always be with u and support u. through
thick and thin i will always be here for u and there is
nothing to worry about, nothing will stand in our way, our
love will break all barriers.**** i have to get going so i
can head to my church but i'll let everyone know how it
goes with me and this person talking things out. the song
for this entry: "Deep Enough to Dream"-Chris Rice.
Everyone have a great night and God Bless!!! I might and
more to this later so check back then.