Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-03-11 23:16:43 (UTC)

People In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Tomatoes. And Stuff.

Great night out shopping today. Not just the small sweet
peppers on offer (Make your way down to Tesco folks, its
all go with those sweet bad-boys) but the emptiness of the
store, and the kind of antics people can get upto in said
variety of store.

However, coming home was less good. Our nextdoor-but-one
neighbours are running a garage, illegally, out of their
house, and there's been a smashed windscreen on our path
for ages, but I added to it, quite a bit, with a jar of
pasta sauce.

It wasn't mine, I hasten to add, but I dropped it. I
looked foolish, and I had to clean in up. On Thursday I
have to replace it.

However, I got a bit of glass in my hand. Really hurts,
that. I won't do it again. Never.

How? I don't know. I won't sweep up glass using a keyring
as a torch, I guess.