Witnesspals Writings
2003-03-11 22:20:32 (UTC)

Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought that you were at the end of life's
Have you ever felt like life is just too confusing to go on
Have you ever had the worst day and then you get the wakeup
call of your life
Many think their problems are bad
Many think this could get no worse
Many think how can I go on
As I sat here today telling of a story a friend spoke back
to me telling me of praise and glory things she was proud
of me for
This is not the reason I sit here writing this today....
This friend also told me of times she had similar feelings
and then she went into the reason why and as I sat in shock
thinking how could this be happening to my friend who I
love so dearly
Have you ever just asked a friend what is the hardest part
of their life
Have you ever thought about someone beside yourself long
enough to have your heart melt
Have you ever tryed to understand someone else's pain
If all of us did this we would see alot of things change...
our personalities, what is important to us, appreciating
our loved ones that are there for us and would never do
anything to harm us.
By Rebekah Barr

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