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2003-03-11 21:52:07 (UTC)

Entry Two

Hey You,
See? Told you I wouldn't say it anymore. Arg, I'm waiting
to log into my role play board so I can see if anyone
replied to my post from last night. Holly didn't go to
school yesterday, and I stayed home today, I had sharp
pains in my stomach this morning. I feel a lot better now
though. I missed Math though, which sucks. I'm sort of in
love with my Math teacher, even though he's sixty-
something... I'm staying after school for him tomorrow so I
can do my Math test I missed today... *grins* I was
playing Castlevania for a good portion of my day, I miss
Malus! *cries* He's such a cute little boy, and he's all
alone! I miss him so much!! *cries more* Okay, anyway, I'm
supposed to be working on my speech for the "speech
contest". If it's a contest, why is it mandatory to
participate? I hate writing speeches, and I hate a good 2/3
percent of people at my school. I've only got one day left
in my GOOD study hall, the one with Jeff Barrett...
*sobs* *replies to rp* *sobs more*
Now I'll only get to see him in the halls and outside...
unless he has Health 1, which is unlikely... oh well. I'll
talk to you later.

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