Michelle's Journal
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2003-03-11 21:19:57 (UTC)

Deep Thoughts

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking. I'm really sick
of people who have to put me down cause they don't feel
good about themselves. Like, there are two people in
particular that I am thinking of. One guys name is Joe,
who is also known as Lemon. He constantly tells me that I'm
ugly and that I should kill myself. I'm just so sick of it!
I didn't do anything to deserve to be treated this way. How
much meaner can you get than telling someone that they
should kill themselves? Thats just really low. I think that
maybe hes just not happy with himself and this is his way
of taking it out on other people. He needs to grow up and
realize that you can't treat people that way. Then there is
Mike, who is also known as Drew. He never told me that I
should kill myself, but he did say I was pathetic because I
am a virgin. Okay, first of all, a lot of people that know
this fact about me, respect me for it. I just haven't found
the one person that I want to give up my virginity to. I
really don't think that there is anything wrong with that.
Society puts too much pressure on sex. Look at the way
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera dress. Girls look up
to them and guys like them cause of the way they look.
Girls see that guys like them for how they dress and try to
be like Britney and Christina. When girls dress this way,
guys expect them to act accordingly and the sad thing is
that the girls succumb to it. It disgusts me. Its not just
them, but look at all the reality TV shows that we have
now. Joe Millionaire, Married by America, and that one
where they're trying to find the sexiest people in America.
Come on, how much more shallow can our society get? We are
basing everything and putting way too much emphasis on
apparence. The thing is, how are things going to be when
our generation has children? Let me tell you, its not going
to get any better. Do you want to raise your children in
this kind of society? I don't think so. The only thing we
can do is try to change our ways, but thats impossible,
considering that so many people don't have a problem with
the way things are. They just want to enjoy it and not
worry about what its doing to our society.