REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-03-11 21:04:39 (UTC)

vanessas here

hey my fellow people!, gues what!...yeah we took the math
gepas today...it was very easy!! suprising ey? but i didnt
liek teh open ended crap...that had me stumped!! ok well
vanessas here and we are just chilling in the hood!
yeah...we were playin atch! and suprisingly my gracious
little yellow moose (lol inside joke) vanessa, is pretty
good! yeah...well i wanna go to the batting cages! i hope
we can go!! ::cough:: heather ::cough:: [email protected] haha heather
i fixed the diary just fer you!...ok well yeah...im gonna
go cause yeah theres nothin to type..im gettin bored of
this diary crap lol but ill try to keep it up! cause some
people actually like reading this hahaha...peece donkeys!