Ad 2:
2003-03-11 21:03:14 (UTC)


You tempt suicide
Blowing yourself up that way
You’re so perfect
You never panic
Everyone wants to be just like you
How many have you tricked?

I see the meltdown in your eyes
If you're so fucking perfect
Why do you fill yourself with lies?

You flirt with destruction
Leaning over the edge the way you do
You’re so brave
You’re never afraid
Nothing can touch you
Who taught you to be that way?

I see you wincing
If you're so fucking strong
Then why are you limping?

You tease morality
Smiling in his face
There’s nothing you fear
You’re so sincere
So good at covering yourself up
So what are you doing here?

I see you cracking under pressure
If you're so fucking happy
Then why do you try to trade your pain for pleasure?

You taunt disaster
Leaving yourself wide open
Forget what you’ve been told
You’re so bold
You never back down
So why do you feel so cold?

I see you leaving a trail for them to follow
If you're so fucking beautiful
Then why do you feel so hollow?