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2003-03-11 20:25:54 (UTC)

my dream

On Friday the 7th i hade a deram. In the dream there were
only 2 people, me and me sisters ex-boyfriend. the wierd
thing is that my sisters ex- is dead. in the dream he was
waring a white tux with a black tie. since i dident go to
the funeral i dident know what he was waring when thay
burryed him. i asked my sister what he was waring and she
sead "a white tux with a black tie. that freeked me out.
so any ways in the dream me talked to me about my ex-
girlfriend (b**h). he explaned a lot of things to me and
told me i needed to talk to her about things that had
happend. but he sead to wate till b**h got back. (i think
he was takling about her going to her friends house over
the weekend). he also told me that the only way that
things were going to get better is if B**H and i talked
about things. becouse if we keep fighting that only bad
things were going to happen. and thats about all i
remember. on thursday and friday i was being a real a$$ to
B**h becouse of some things that she did and for what i
hurd that she sead. so i desided to talk to her and tell
her i was sorry for not talking sooner and being an a$$.
and now things are better and we are talking, which is so
much better than us fighting. even though we are not going
out i still love her with all my heart and i always will.