my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-03-11 18:59:07 (UTC)


Im so happy!!! First of all, the teen revival started
(yay!) sunday night. and my Bubby actually CAME!! ok first
i have to start at the beginning on sunday. steph and i
were like 20 minutes late for church... after churhc, gpcc
was having a fellowship meal so we went ovre there. after
that, we(me and amy) were going to make cookies. but we had
to feed her dogs first. so we went to her house... and im
not joking. o goodness inside the fence where they have
their dogs was all mud and dirt not a single spec of grass
because of the dogs(or 1 or 2 of thme, theres 3) being
hyper. so amy had to change b4 she went out there. so we
went out there, and she had on mud boots and she went into
the fence and dang she got super muddy cuz the dogs were
jumping on ehr n junk and i even got muddy(in my skirt ha
to bad) b/c io was helping her(the food was on the outside
of the fence) and we both ended up taking like 5 minutes
showers when we finished feeding the dogs and i wore some
of her clothes. then, lol we went back to the church(after
going to 7-11 twice, before and after her house) and jordan
was like "hey yall want to walk to 7-11 with me?? so we
were like "sure it'll be the third time in the last hour
btu ok!" so we were walking and amy goers "O yea um michele
i forgot to tell you theres a hole in the butt of those
jeans..." i just started laughing and was like "where?"
cause i couldn't find it so she guided my hand and i was
like HAHAHAHAHA... yea but we went there(and it was jordans
third time too ha.) then we came back and we started making
the cookies. and while they werei n the oven, we were
watching the ring and amy was scrunching my hair, when the
timer on one of the ovens went off, so naturally i was
like "hey i gotta get the cookies out" so i turned towards
the oven and see this orange glow i was like... "????" and
i opened it and the freaking thing was o nfire! i was
stared screaming and turnt it off and it was still on fire
and we were like "AHHHHH AHHH AHH AHH" and garrett came
running in there and we were all like "wheres the fire
extinguisher!?!?!?" and running around trying to find it
and i did find it... in the kitchen ha.. it was on the
total opposite end of the kitchen not by the stove and i
was like "here garrett use this!!" and he was filling a cup
up with water and he said "what, that?!" and i was
like "yea i dont know how!" so he sprayed it once on the
oven lol and it went out... and dag man there were ashes
over EVERYTHING in the whole fellowship hall lol. the funny
thing is, the cookeis in the oven that caught on fire were
*perfect* but they got ash and foam on them. the ones in
the other oven got burnt, because we weren't paying
attention to them because of the fire. any way lol we spent
most of the afternoon cleaning the mess up adn pop told us
that it would have burnt it self out. we were like "o
great." he told us AFTER lol. and he was there the entire
time. lol.. but any way, amy and i were signing people in..
till it was time to start, and we went in and sat in the
back(to watch for people ha) and josiah didn't show up so i
was like "i guess he's not coming" and jenny got there and
we started putting wrappers on the bible (long story...)
and we sang and the guy talked n then sang again and amy
said something to me so i turnt to look at her and then
when i turnt forward i was like "huh!?" cause there was
some1 standing like right behind her and i turnt and it was
my BUBBY!! i was so happy. lol. ne way when it was over we
ate snacks and filled in peoples info again. and then
josiah and i had a pen fight hahaaa. for a long time. it
was hard. i lost. lol. but it was fun ne way. then
yesterday, joey c. was there and that was cool too. lol
when he left i hugged him and i was going to hug josh his
lil bro but i asked him if he'd let me and josh just looked
at me and shook his head. i was like "DANG!" lol and joey
just laughed. i guess he's not the hugging type ha. ne way
tonight i can't wait again but i dont know what to wear
(haha) because i like being comfortable. imma bout to wear
jeans w/ a hole in the knee and dye on them... lol... and
guess what else!! yesterday, after school, mom picked us up
and we went to her hoiuse and i took a shower and shawn was
online, and KIRBY WAS ON! i was lkke AHHH casue he
said "kirby said for u to get ur butt over here" so i went
over to the comp and he wouldn't move... and i didn't wanna
be mean and say "leave so i can talk!" lol. but ahh im so
glad she's back. im so happy lol. ok its like 2 and i have
to take a shower lol and AHHH i forgot i have to find
something to wear im leaving soon lol im a moron lol ciao o
and *yay* josiah and i might go ice skating friday!!
that'll be cool... buh bye