The Life of a 14 year old
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2003-03-11 18:20:31 (UTC)

First Entry

Dear Diary,

Hmm... dear Diary? It seems as if everyone uses that..
well, I'll stick with it for now.. until I have a new name
for it.

This is my first entry. Why did I choose to have
an online diary? Well.. alot of things go on in a 13
almost 14 year old female's life, I hate keeping a journal
or diary at home because my 2 annoying brothers, bratty
little sister, or nosey dad will get a hold of it, so
that's why I wanna keep mine online. It's private.. well
not really, I choose to let all of you read my entries so
that you can relate to my problems or situations.

Anyways (I use that word alot) I'll start off by telling you a
little bout my family life. It's not ur typical family. My
mom's the only one I respect 100% (well thats when shes
not PMSing!) My little brother, Peter, is so disobediant,
and not disciplined.. but he's very smart, he can name 50
countries in like 1 minute or less! My older brother,
Paulo (15 almost 16) is very smart too, can really piss me
off, but he doesn't do it often. My little sister, well,
what can I say about you Cristina? She's a brat on her
own, but when she teams up with her best friend (which
just happens to be my boyfriend's little sister, to make
matters worse!) they can really do some damage, and I
don't mean physically.. emotionally is what I'm aiming
for. Sometimes, it just takes one or two little words to
make u feel like shit. Excuse my language.

Then, there's my father.. well daddy, what can I say about you.
You're an uptight, strict, asshole. And when I say that, don't think
I'm one of those troubled teens who hates they're parents
for no reason, it's more like, he hates me for no reason!
He's never hit me... yet, but it's just verbally...
whatever.. enough about him!

Let's look at the highlights in my life.. Chris Camara. My
boyfriend. We just celebrated out 6th month anniversary a couple
days ago.. (March 8th, 2003) I know what everyone's
thinking.. 'she's too young to be in love' But honestly, I've never
felt this way about anyone in my life! It is love, and I'm
positive of it! He makes me feel good about myself. He's
smart. He's honest. He's not into drugs or that kind of
stuff that people his age are into. He's hot! He's almost
16. He almost has a car.. naw lol, I'm jokin! I love him
for his personality, potentiol, confidence, and honesty.
He's looks are just a bonus. ;) lol. Anyways, Chris and I
are really close, how can I prove that to you? Well you
have to promise not to think I'm a slut or anything k? We
did have sex.. a few times. But I don't regret it. I know
I'm gunna marry him, and I did it because I love him, we
did it for the love, not for the pleasure.

Anyways, this is gettin kinda long, so I'll come back to write the
rest later, Ima go to the movie with Chris now, bye!

:::Luv Michelle:::