My *Daily* Nightmare...
2003-03-11 18:13:55 (UTC) a gun at the snack bar..

Hey guys. well. its the morning AFTER my date... (11:57 am,
march 11th) Okay, maybe i set my hopes to high.. this
date.. was a date from hell.. i want to stop calling it a
date bc it depresses me. Ok.. heres the scoop.. Nifer
already had her laughs with it.. so.. yeah.. Your turn?

Cody, (Kristens boyfriend), Kristen, and Hollyann pick me
up and we go to pick up Sean (my 'date') so, im kinda
excited, ive always gotten pretty cute guys on blind dates,
im not really sweatin it. So, we pick him up and he gets
in the truck. Omg.. i was about to vomit. This kid REEKED
of smoke. i mean like.. Arg.. On those commericals with the
giant cigarette that the chick beats the hell out of?
Yeah,, HE wouldve smelled less like smoke then this kid.
And i smoke, yes. But when it gets to the point im
coughing bc of it.. then.. yeah. So, we go to get some
grub, and he ALREADY has his damn arm around me. Now. I
think im a pretty cute girl. Im not to bad looking, but im
not a victorias secret model. But ACK. I wanted to cry.
So we go to our movie.. and he puts his arm around me
waist.. so icant freakin sit back... So i keep sighing and
tring to get away from him.. but hell just reposition him
self and make it even more uncomfortable. So. i convesnce
holly to come with me to the bathroom.. like. an hour and a
half into our movie. And i called Lindsey and give her
the scoop so far... tring not to puke/or cry. and we go
back. Well.. i pretty much give my self whiplash tring to
sit down so fast so he cant make a move on me. and then i
lean to the FAR left.. like.. so close im pretty much
sitting on holly.. and then he has the nerve to ask
me "Mallori, do you like me?" im wanted to scream "hell no
it looks like youve been hit my a truck one to many times"
but.. i said i didnt really know him and that im not
looking for a boyfriend. When everyone knows im always
lookinh for a boyfriend. I so wanted to Run.. but i stayed
until the movie was over. And then me Kristen and Holly
danced like white folks to the rap music after the movie,
and got many laughs. I guess the only good thing that came
out of this date was Holly. She was the one i told you
about earyler that i couldnt stand and that was talking
shit? Well, i guess it was kinda all a big
misunderstanding.. and were ok now. :o). We might go to Six
Flags saturday.. thatd be pretty.. well.. amusing to say
the least.
Well, today im hanging out with my sista Jennifer and my
friend Kaylee whos in town from San Saba (south texas).. i
havnt seen Kay in like, psh, a year. And Nifer, i see her
weekly.. at the least. lol.. and i might do something with
Scott.. (well.. i made a deal with Nifer..) so i will see
ONE boy today. lol. Yeap. Thats my plans for the day. Well.
i better go get ready, shell be here in 45 minutes, :o)
Auidos Amigos!

This Entry Summed up :: BAD DATES SUCK ASS.

******UPDATE****** ok,, what i just found out.. is that after they
dropped me off, he looked at Holly was was like, She looked like she
rather had been going out with you the whole night. that was to dykey
for me.. WHAT THE FUCKING A? omg.. maybe bc you looked and smelled
like VOMIT buddy.. Jesus chirst. Ugly/Stupid people piss me off.