Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-11 18:00:18 (UTC)


Well, today hasn't been so bad. Beyond forgetting to bring
in my Chemi book, school was fine.

I looked alright in my RAF uniform [all blue]. The RAF look
really smart- but there's only seven of us! We look rather
silly marching in formation. Oh well.... I'm not a marker
though, I'm the middle.

Our right marker is a bit silly. The moment they say "right
marker, right marker, take post!" She freezes up and I poke
her. Daft girl, that Archer (known to our weapon training
corporal as "Ashton's girl"). I've picked up the
nickname "smilie Walters", just coz i smiled! God...

The guns weren't as heavy this week, I reckon I've got used
to them. And we've got a test next week- I've got to read
through my sheet.

I got my RAF boots today, but they are the ugliest things
I've ever seen!

Oh yes, and I did a stupid thing... ^^;; I told my weapon
training corporal my penname and stuff for fictionpress.
Now she'll probably end up reading my poems! Even the
suicide ones....

I've been reading some really good yaoi's recently. I'd put
the URL for the place at the end but I've lost it- dammit
that site is so good! and the stories... put it this way, I
was one horny thirteen year old when I'd finished reading
just *one* of them!!!

That story, the Gundam Wing Heero/Quatre one I mentioned,
is going really well. I've written a prologue with a lemon
[sex scene in anime] in it already! I decided to go for the
simple approach, and call it "Lavender". It's really sweet!

Mate ne! ^ ^
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox

Sites I've been on recently:- - one of the best Heero/Duo places
I've ever been! One of my favourite sites ever! Lotsa sex
between two gorgeous bishounen [pretty boys]