People are evil WHy?
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2003-03-11 17:41:26 (UTC)


People these days! Oh well. Anyways, why do parents have to
be so dumb, don't they know that they are messing up their
kids lifes!?
Obvisously not!
I have to write a 600 word essay by Friday and go to
Medford on Wednesday, so I will lose a whole day there.
Because I don't have school on Wednesday, I bet my English
teacher will give us a shit load of homework and oh crap I
just remembered I have a test in English today. SHOOT!!
I hate school, but is a thing I am good at, Soooooo...yeah.
I am planing to go to college, but that probably won't
happen unless I get a hell of a lot of scholarships and
grants and stuff. My dad and big brother are crazy they
think that they are going to start a woorm farm and make
lots of money. A WORM fram. Accually it is a pretty good
idea, I reviewed the paper work and it looks like it could
accually work. I hope they accully follow through for once
in their lives. They never do. They have a problen with
commitment. Since my dad is 58 and he has had 4 wifes and
my brother is 33 and he has had 3 wifes(working on his
4th)! Losers!! Well I have to go study for my English test.
Someone write to me please!