My problems.
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2003-03-11 13:38:22 (UTC)

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Kazhultee: ..........S L e E P p I N g ......
x Likwid Khaos x: at least i got a girlfriend that loves
xLikwidKhaosx: you just have.... april...

Ya know it' s funny... This guy has a wonderful girflriend
and what does he do? Neglect the shit out of her. He'll
talk to her when he's *not busy*... Heh....
She tells me to say shit to him just so that he'll come
around and talk to her... then I wake up... to that..... and
like.... the whole day is already ruined.... it's bad enough
that I have to think about April 24/7...... but the fact that
this idiot insults me just because I talk shit to him so
that he'll actually *TALK* to his girlfriend is just bullshit.
The sad part is that I DON'T have April anymore so this
insulte really doesn't mean too much too me. The only
reason this insult pisses me off is because I do it for
his girlfriend, to bring a smile to her face when she's
depressed or sad that he won't talk to her. Yeah....
maybe..... just maybe..... she'll laugh at this.

You know what the really pathetic thing is? He insults
me when I'm asleep so that i don't have a chance to
defend myself. That's how much of a coward this guy
is..... hahaha... great pick Steph, great pick.