Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-11 13:08:34 (UTC)

The first shall be last / The last shall be first

Nothing special about today. I woke up.. talked to people
on the phone and did some study. Haha.. I am listening
to "What a Wonderful World" by Louise Armstrong. Such a
very beautiful song. The world is beautiful... let's pray
that the war deosn't screw that up. I've decided not to
care so much about myself. Life is so so so much better
when your put everybody else first. Hey I just a had real
cool revelation.. there's that bible verse "The first shall
be last, and the last shall be first" I think i finally get
it. It's like putting others in front of you makes you feel
so much better. Putting yourself as first priority all the
time will make you feel unfullfilled and unloved... and
that's so true.. I never realised that until now.. man the
Bible is a good book. Well that is all for today.. Uni in
the morning so GOODNIGHT!