Travis's jounral of mishaps and misc
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2003-03-11 11:55:39 (UTC)

nice and early

well i woke up kinda late this mornin its about 6:45A.M. im
dressed and ready to go. i gatta go fix my bike tire this
mornin too. I hate all flat tires and i think i speak for
all BMXers when i say that.the reason im fixing my tire
this morning is becuz after school im goin to the next town
to ride. WOOHOO! we built some crappy trails over there but
they r still worth listening to some Eric
Clapton right now. Good Stuff Period. o yeah tonight im
gonna get my hair cut thats sorta good an sorta bad. but
after that im gonna go pick up the new AFI cd. SING THE
SORROWS. everyone who reads this should go check AFI out im
sure u would like them. well, time to go fix that tire so
later on people.-PEACE- Travis

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