Cosmic Rain
2003-03-11 07:02:33 (UTC)

"...I'm not new to this, nor am I old...I'm just a
traveller of words with a story to be told...A journey of
life..a journey of soul..lost to the elements with no
common goal..But to just as I am to you..Be as I am
to me..."

I snipped it. Well Mat snipped it. *chop* And the
difference.?? Well it's enough for a
pony tail at the back. It needs to grow more. I know I
can't ever do the shoulder length style. I hate when it
comes fowards. It bugs me. It's like "getttt back there,
stop bugging me up front here." I like it behind. So my
hair either has to be longer than shoulder length or above
the shoulders short.

It's all a mood thing. I been wanting to do something for
agessss. And because I can't make up my mind upon a style I
thought getting rid of my sometimes impossibly long pony
tail would be different enough for now. And it is in the how with the long hair hardly sometimes
I'd notice it was there, but with shorter I can feel it
more. Tickling the back of my shoulders. Feels strange. My
folks didn't even notice last night. And when I finally
pointed it out when leaving Mum was "Oh I was just thinking
yesterday how lovely and healthy your hair was looking."
And I snipped it today, gone tomorrow.

It's funny how a lot of my life my hair was short. All the
way up to when I was about 13. And then I suddenly wanted
to leave short behind and have long hair. I guess it was a
rebel against what I was used to and I wanted to actually
be a girl and not a little tomboy. And now I want to rebel
again and do something different. Just I haven't a clue to
what. The shave your head or colour your hair for cancer is
on the 15th of March and I sometimes just get this urge to
just go take it all off and lets start again. And if I'm
gonna do it, do it for a good cause. And then die later and
wonder what the hell I it's there. I think
if everyone said "Do it, do it, do it" I would.

Final Destination 2. Freaky movie. The first one was more
sinister. The second was more graphic. And by the time you
got to the end you laughed. But it's a good ride if the tum
tum is up to it. And you sort of feel after like you need
to watch out for everything..That edgy feeling. And Rey
told me she's already had a nightmare over

Shit, time goes too fast. It's nearly 6pm. And squash is
tonight. I better get some din dins into the old tumsy, so
I have some energy. We are already back to the start. We've
played all the teams, so we go through the same process
another 2 times. I'm posting this now as I need to close
some browsers. I have too many open


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