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2003-03-11 04:36:26 (UTC)

wahoo happy. . .

so, rare as it might seem, I'm writing an entry when I'm
actually happy (okay, so it's mostly just to get this site
off my ass, but shh. . . don't tell it ;))
so last thursday I was talking to matt and said "question
of the day is, who should I take to prom?" he says "me! :-
D" and I tease him that it's because he wants to make up
for not being able to come last year. . . we kid around
for a bit, and then he asks the date, but says he doesn't
want to impose himself on me. I say "why do you think I
asked you, silly?" and he says "aww, lizzie! so ask me
silly!" so I did and he said "YES!" and so he's coming to
prom, hurraaaaaaaaay!
my hardest challenge for the next month or so is to not
blow this completely out of proportion, until I next see
him at least, and to not get obsessive. . . wow. . . this
should be interesting.
hurray for bahamas in less than 36 hours! :-D