crackheads thoughts
2003-03-11 03:28:35 (UTC)

gOd SeNd Me An AnGeL

Hey everyone...I really need to update this thing...and I
gots alots on my that worked out. I gots a new
fav.'s called "god send me an angel" and it's
so pretty.I heard it on the radio like 3 times and just had
to download it!!

There has been alot of thoughts in my head about war and's really weird if ya think about it. But im
talking "bible wise" there....but it is still freakin me

It's March and the Seniors will gone in May...Oh lord I
just wanna cry some more...that really makes me sad...but
enough about that.....everyone already know's about that
whole deal.

I think im gonna fail this year failing spanish
and in biology and math I have "D's" But I dunno. It seem's
like everything has been going down hill for me, for a
while now.

I think it's time for another song to be posted on here....

It's been five months,Since you went away
Left with out a word, and nothing to say
When I was the one who gave you my heart and soul
But it wasnt good enough for you, No, So I asked god

{God send me an angel from the heaven's above
Send me an angel to heal my broken heart from being in love
Cause all I do, Is cry
God send me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes.}

And I know I might sound crazy,But after all that I still
loved you
You wanna come back in my life,but now there's somethin'
that I had to do.
I had to tell the one that I once adored
That they cant have my love nomore
My heart cant take no more lie's
And my eyes are all out of cry's, So god


Now you have me on my knee's, beggin god please to send you
back to me
I couldnt eat, I couldnt sleep, yeah you make me feel like
I could not breathe
And all I want to do is feel your touch, and give you all
of my love
But you took my love for granted, Want my lovin' now, but
you cant have it, Oh god


It's a pretty song and I just thought I would post it on
here......There will be another song on here sometime in May