Remember to Breathe
2003-03-11 02:47:22 (UTC)

numero seis

I haven't been updating in a while. Not too much has
changed. I had a very good weekend, full of frat parties
and drinking for free. Met a guy named Zach, kissed him
and danced with him forever at ATO. Justin kissed me at
the Beta party, which confuses me just as much as
everything else he does. Erin, a girl I don't know too
well that hangs out in Smith, told me that Brett knows
that I like him. I should've asked her for more details
but I am pretty sure she was drunk. As usual, I spent
time at Smith for the past four days. I like those guys
so much, they are cool shit. Matt told me yesterday that
I was the coolest girl that he'd met here so far. That
was a huge compliment. On Wednesday there is a party in
Smith for a girl named Jodie, because it was her birthday
yesterday. Then, on Thursday, we are having a St.
Patrick's Day party including a bottle of tequila...mmmm.
Other than the usual, nothing really has happened. In a
way, I am very greatful for that. I am going home for
spring break soon, but not before a trip to Canada with
Kyra and Michelle and a few of Michelle's friends. That
should be a wonderful, grand time.

"So here we are, stuck in hell, the same old game, we know
it well, i don't mind.
Spark it up, nod me on and off again, oh what the hell, i
don't mind, anyway."
-Dynamite Hack