2003-03-11 02:30:15 (UTC)


well today was an ordinary day just like the rest. I woke
up went to school played football went home and sat there
until i came here. I love playing football it is my sport.
I love the rush you get when your out there on the field.
but something is missing. you no the feeling when its on
the tip of you tounge and you cant reach it. I have a feel
i no what it is but i dont think i am ready to feel this.
I think it is love but i no i am young and i shouldnt feel
this kind of feeling. Evrytime i look at my boyfriend and
i see him running or just talking i feel like......i dont
no i want to be with him every second of the day. And i
want to be by his side no matter what but at the same time
i am sooo afraid that i will mess things up....
I invited johnny (my boyfriend) to go to the movies with me and
some friends. But the problem was that one of my friends were an old
boyfriend and i asked him if it was alright that my new boyfriend
could come and he said yeah it didnt matter. So i asked johnny to
come but in the end he could come. But i called him to tell him what
we saw and just to say hi and dugan (former boyfriend) got all mad
and "huffy puffy" about it. And i hate when that happens because it
makes me feel i have to pick. And right now frankly i would pick
I no i have very deep feelings for johnnny but i dont no if
it is to early to have them or not because i want them to be real
and not just a "fling".