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2003-03-11 02:13:45 (UTC)

answer to everyone's messages

ok i read all ur messages and all of u asked me what his
answer was to the proposal, well his answer was 'yes'. i
could not be in a better mood today. nothing in the world
could possibly ruin my mood right now. i thank u all for
responded to my entry with such great compliments and
things, i appreciate them all. i never expected such a
large amount of responses and a lot of u i don't even know
so i thought that was even kooler. well anyway my day was
great, nothing went wrong and everything went right. my
baby is feeling a lil under the weather today, hopefully
it doesn't last long. i feel so helpless when my baby is
sick cuz i can't just get rid of it. i can't really think
of anything to type. all day my mind was occupied by
thoughts of damian and it still is so there isn't much to
type. "Without You"-Justincase