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2003-03-11 01:59:34 (UTC)

I didn't know-by molly bell

I didn't know they knew how to make me cry
Or give me that feeling that makes me want to die
I didn't know it could hurt so bad
when they yell at me because they're mad
I didn't know it made them feel so good
to make me hurt because they knew they could
I didn't know tears could sting so bad
when they run down my cheeks and into my hands
I didn't think I could fall so far away from you
but what else was left for me to do
I didn't think I could take anymore
what are you doing this for
why do you find ways to make my bright smiles go away
why do you bring gloom upon my beautiful days
why must you take the love from my heart
and leave it to get dried and cracked and fall apart
why do you take my passion away
when you don't want it in anyway
why do you laugh at the things i love so much
why do you think you can make my problems go away, when my
face you touch
you thought i couldn't fight this battle of mine
because my heart was in your hands intwined
you never took the time of day
to find you made me strong this way
you never knew i could love so much
or make you tremble with one passionate touch
you never will know my lips are soft as rose petals
because your heart is as cold as metal
you'll never know my hands are warm to hold
because I won't be there when your out in the cold
you won't see the beauty in my eyes
because somehow you made that die
you'll never know how much i would have meant it
to cup your face in my hands and say i love you and put all
my heart in it
i didn't know a lot you see
but know it's plain and clear to me
I loved you when the time was there
but now there and I am here
You would think my heart would be icy cold
but it's not because someday i'll have someone elses hand
to hold
Someone will brighten my day
and wipe all my tears away
someone will make me smile
and hold me closer for a while
someone will love me which may be hard to believe
but either way someone someday will my love recieve

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