gc #1 fan
2003-03-11 01:17:05 (UTC)

lost in my brain

i h8 my mom i h8 my dad i h8 my stepmom i h8 preps i h8 a
lot more thingz. lyf is hell. i cant stand it n e more no1
understands what i fucking deal with every single day..i
wake up go threw my own hell all over again. one of my
best friends billy is allways so depressed because the
girl he luvs dont luv him back...when i say hi to him he
never talks to me and i wonder if he truely is my friend
even tho he says e is..my math teacher from beyond hell is
coming back..yay i get homework 24-7 now...my bf is like i
dont know nun of my friends like him..people basically h8
him x cept me i LOVE him so much he is my reason for
living. i dont think he know that but i hope he do. sry im
just dumping shit onto this "document" or w/e the fuck
this is. some porno freak started talking to me online and
guyz so piss me off..most of them. they just go around and
just look at grls not thinking they r human too and just
drooling on them bein fucking idiots. but guyz r like
that..most of them... the kid i used to like is such an
ass he still thinks i like him and is all weird around me.
i am also loosing my friends..i dont think itz me i mean i
just think people rnt good friends like me and sam r just
like how come no1 can b human n e more. my "friend"
patricia seems like a major bitch sum times..she leaves me
for people who r more popular than me and then denys she
did n e thing. when me and my bf broke up b4 we got back
together she jsut goes and goes out with him..thatz
bitchified if u ask me. ill go vent sum where else.....
dump my shit on my shity friends who dont give a fuck..l8a

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