gc #1 fan
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2003-03-11 00:52:30 (UTC)

lyfe today

ok im so fucking tired rite now it aint funni!! but my
friends cousin had a baby!my bfs a lil weird and he like
asks me like if itz ok that we kiss and stuff so hes been
asking if i want to french and like every tyme i have said
sure but i was alwayz way scared to do it but i am finally
going to do it tomarrow and all of my friends and even my
bf are like rite ok so i even bet money that i would and
no1 is believing me but they dont know that that just
encourages me to show them mwahaha lol! but i am a lil
like kinda scared but that isnt the word i guess like i
have a retainer my bf dont know about and when we do it
he'll b all like ewe lol.but oh well lyf goes on. i can
not wait until the good charlotte concert! im like their
#1 fan and every day i like cant believe im going!lol well
im reallly tired and uh i need sleep peace out!

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