flying through the scenery
2003-03-10 23:51:04 (UTC)

its like a show where everything unfolds

I'm really not sure why I'm doing this, but I need to.

Hi, I'm too anxious for the future. I have a weird taste
in music. I like floral skirts and funky tights. I like
singing at the top of my lungs and blasting my music so my
whole neighborhood can hear it. I'm a computer nerd, and I
spend way to much time on the internet. I tend to hold all
my emotions inside, and no one has been able to break "the
barrier". I hate stereotypes, and people who judge you on
yoru appearance. I go to a coed boarding school.

Yea, so there's an introduction to my life. I've kept a
lot of journals in my day, but none that have really
stuck, hopefully this one will. I like comments, feel free
to e-mail me.

So I decided to take a walk today, and when I tried to get
back in my house, it was locked. God, I just love the way
things work out. I'm outside in a t-shirt and flip flops
freezing my arse off and I have to get in through a
window. So as I'm sqirming in through a window elevated 5
feet off of the ground, Ms. Neighbor decides to come out
and tell me that if I don't come down this instant she'll
call the police and i'll be *gasp* arrested! It's really
quite sad because Ms. Neighbor is my old teacher and you'd
think she'd realize that her old student is just trying to
break into her own house. Hot damn, people these days.

Sometimes, my mom is such a douche.

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