what it is like to be in my Shoes
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2003-03-10 23:18:47 (UTC)

An everyday look at me Please read

Hmmm...not sure how to begin this, but ok since i am a guy
and i hate diaries, but this is a way so people can
understand me more.

what is there to say about me... I AM NOT NORMAL. I am
Skitsofranick which means i have multiple personalities.
I enjoy talking to myself and you never know what mood i
am in. I dont listen to the latest songs...well sort
of...Seee i enjoy Techno which is different from the fat
rap black dudes that get up there and act like morons for
money. I like to stay inside and program computers and i
hate it when people call...(like continuously). Now if
you are a hot chick that is different, or if you are one
of my good friends that are cool to hang around. I also
like to go outdoors dont get me wrong, but i get bored a
lot outside so you prolly have to convince me. I use to
not be like thiss, but times have changed. The only way i
will go outside and hang around is if the are hot chicks
out there, my friends, or someone that has to talk to me
outside. Otherwise i wont go out there alone.

o ya ( i am a man looking for true love)