Travis's jounral of mishaps and misc
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2003-03-10 22:02:03 (UTC)

more stuff

i live in florida ....nuff said. im a teenage guy.....nuff
said.. but u might find more out about me later. I like
Classic rock and metal .what a combo huh? im listening to
AFI now . i know they are neither classic or metal but i
like them. I have a girlfriend named virginia ..i love her
to death...its pretty crazy between us . Well BMXing is my
thing . its somthin else i live for . Virginia,bmx,and
music,.....gatta lov em. OK funny story time. I was out
bike riding a couple daays ago and i found this truck full
of oranges ...darn good oranges. OF course being me Iwanted
to stuff my pockets full of them. So I did. OF course as
soon as i finish stuffin pockets my full of them so it
looks like i have 18 horse testicles in my pants my friend
jack finishes a new jump. Here comes jack "Hey travis man
u gatta come jump this new jump! Whoa Nice pants! Now take
em off and come jump this jump." "hm"i thought to
myself . "I am right by a busy street getting ready to take
off my pants." i wasnt sure if the world was ready to see
my boxers or not. and then what if i fall? what will become
of my little man downstaires? Would i risk it? Yes i would.
Down go the pants. And off the jump I go. A passing car
even whistled me at. It got really cold really quick so
as soon as I hit the jumps a couple more times I put my
clothes back on. Ok funny story over. But it became a not
so funny story. As we turned to leave there appeared this
dog like right out of nowhere and it was standing right in
the middle of the street!dumb dog. Well I have a soft heart
for animals so I took my shoelace off and led the dog back
to my house. Now I cant get rid of it. The pound wont take
it and we havent found the owners. Anyone want a dog?