files of the weenie kid
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2003-03-10 21:55:32 (UTC)

Same day, different story.

I know that I had said that I had a crush on someone...but
I never did anything about it...cos I never felt that way
again after that day. I think maybe I was just PMSing, or I
was just being weird. So, I don't like anyone... I'm fine
with that. I got a really cool revelation the other
day....I AM OVER JOE! I am completely over him, and I am so
proud of myself. Of course I'm sure that I will always hold a special
place for him in my heart and I will definetly love him
forever...just in a different sort of way, I guess. But if he was
sitting right here next to me at this very moment, I would probably
hug him, ask him about his life, and when we were done talking, I
would say goodbye and go on with my life. I have no reason to ever
want to be with him ever again, simply becasue I have moved on.I feel
like I just took a huge step in maturity when I actually admitted
that to myself.

My new goal: From now on, since I have no regrets about my
past, I should have no trouble meeting other people right?
Soooo...I am gonna quit making sure that EVERYONE is just
a "friend" and I'm gonna let myself get close to somebody.
I have nothing to hide, and nothing to lose, as long as I
don't set my self up to be hurt again, and believe me, I've
learned my lesson!And starting today, I'm gonna start
giving people a chance again, and quit making myself appear
to be "off limits" or "unapproachable" without throwing
myself at them! So that's my deal now... I'm proud of
myself. =)

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