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2003-03-10 21:55:10 (UTC)

wow good and bad

its amazing how there are good days and bad days....i had a
really bad week...but the weekend was ok....well i found
out recently that one of my best friends tried to kill her
self..................i was so devestiated....omg it was
horribe i cried for like hours.....then one of my babys
friend hiram is on trying to convince me that sean is
cheating on me but i didnt believe him but....i was very
emotinal and i said something to sean and i ended up crying
again and i was at bridgets.....then like 2/3 days later
seans frien owen imed me and started yelling at me and i
didnt knwo how to take it cause when i am sad i am a push
over and i just cried thinking sean like hated me and didnt
wanna be with me and it was horrible and i didnt know what
to do so i just got off and went to my room and
cried............but then bridget called me telling me sean
was looking for me and then everything was ok...........and
i love him so smooch!!!!!!!!!! lol......ur the best boy
friend iv ever had!!!!!!!!!!! i love u !!!!!!!!!!! i must
be going now bye bye

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