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2003-03-10 20:59:58 (UTC)

one month til my birthday

there is exactly one month til my sixteenth birthday. whoo-

ok, just had to get that out of my system.

sooo. my weekend. well, on friday night i was babysitting
my little sister. or rather, the tv was babysitting my
little sister. i know, i know, what kind of big sister am
i? well, the tv works pretty darn well as a babysitter,
thank you very much. saturday morning i had to get up and
go to softball tryouts for huguenot little league.
actually, its not really tryouts, they just have you come
so that they can watch you play and then place you on a
team. but they try to make the teams balanced, so its not
really a question of trying out. anyway, this year my team
is going to be the braves. thats so exciting, last year i
was on the rockies, and who cares about them? not me. so
now all i need to is to get the number 10 on my jersey, and
ill just be ecstatic. maybe. then after softball, we went
and got a new car. its a 2002 mercury sable, metallic blue,
with a spoiler, and a cd player!! , a big thing for me,
since none of our other cars have one. anyway, i got to
park it in the driveway, and no one else besides my dad was
allowed to touch it. it was so cool. so then we went out to
lunch with ryan and lauren, fun times. then grocery
shopping, then some other random stuff. then after dinner
we all went to manchester to see lauren and JFS do their
show for the competition. we got to see martinsburg, WV go
before JFS did, and they were actually pretty cool, for a
bunch of hicks. then i came home and watched some horrible
volcano movie on pax. horrible as in an awful movie. i cant
believe i watched the whole thing.

so sunday morning we went to church, first day of lent so
we had to sing in the choir. and ryan came, even though
he's not catholic. and then ryan and lauren went to his
church after that. too much church for me. then.....brunch,
and lauren went out to lunch with ryan again, and when she
got back with the car, my daddy took me driving. we went
straight down midlothian out to powhatan. i got all freaked
out cause i had to go 55 mph! but it was cool. except for
when this big pack of cars all sped past me, and it made me
feel like a grandma. but it was still cool. then after
that, i drove to religious ed, which was its usual boring
self pretty much. then dinner, and then i pretended to do
some math hw but i cant really say that i got anything

so...mondays. today was a monday. i detest mondays. but as
mondays go, today wasn't all that bad. chem was ok, cause i
got an 86 on the test, which is an improvement over the
last one cause i got a 73. then we just talked the rest of
the time, and drew pictures. lol it was pretty funny, but i
guess you just had to be there. history was ok too, since
we went to the computer lab. of course, once again i didn't
have a chair, but it was ok. and i talked to melillo today.
which is always nice. but he and pam were ganging up on me,
which was not nice. they were telling me i was computer
illiterate. i'm really not though, it was just that the
computers at school are jerks. really.
and then chorus was a workout. we were learning new
choreography for the spring concert. geez, that lady worked
us like....like.... i cant think of the analogy right now,
but it was hard! we had to do it over and over and over,
and with 40 dancing bodies in that one room, it was majorly
hot, everyone was sweating big time. fun stuff.

soo, now im faced with the prospect of tomorrow. not that i
have anything against the concept of time and the future in
itself. its just that tomorrow is an odd day.
thats my opinion on those. i just finished translating my
spanish article, and i need to go do the 5 sentence
summary. without plagarizing this time, of course. and then
i gotta do my whole english rough draft. but i've been
putting it off all weekend, why not put it off until after
dinner? sounds like a plan to me!

catch ya on the flip side.

wow i can't believe i just typed that. i am such a dork.
who knew i had this dorky side to myself? apparently,
everyone but me!

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