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2003-03-10 20:52:15 (UTC)

My weekend (a good one so keep on reading ^_^)

On Saturday I went to work, got my haircut and now its
short and then later that day, I redyed it and now its
bright blonde (fringe only). Sunday I was about to go to
gym around 2ish and then i get a text from Celia. She used
to work with me but now she isn't, haven't seen her over 3
months so it was kinda shocking. She was asking about
prices for gym and wanted to come with me to the gym. She
knocked at my house, gave a big hug and then started
talking about stuff. It was nice to see her again after
such a long time, we kept in touch but we haven't seen
eachother face to face for ages, it was nice.
After I came back from the gym, logged on to Faceparty.com
(check this site out, its great ^_^) and found that someone
wanted to have a chat to me. This person said he really
liked me and after 5 minutes....wanted to meet. I said I
don't really know you that well and he just ditched me,
well his loss :p (stupid 15 year old from Ilford and btw he
had nothing on his profile, basically no personality =p).
Later that day I made a new friend. A girl named Rachael
messaged me telling that she wants to get to know me and
stuff, it was nice. Around 8ish I logged on the chat and a
guy from wales wanted to speak to me. His name is Thomas
(17 i think though on his profile it said 24) and wanted to
get to know me better. He said I looked really cool and
wanted to be friends. He got on my msn and then after 5
minutes of talking he gave me his number and told me to
email him once in a while. So overall a good weekend, apart
from that stupid Ilford guy, more ups that downs so yeah I
had real good weekend. More like this please, laters =)