Watch me lose it...
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2003-03-10 20:22:45 (UTC)

Fight Me - Simple written battle rap

Listening to : N/A

I dont give a fuck about you
You dont give a fuck about me too
So lets just keep this to business
See who quits this
Lets See if we can word this through
Lets face it motherfucker your lyrics are worse
Instead of first gear you seem to find reverse
Your lifes been cursed, my lyrics are killing you, your
little lungs might burst
Before you take me the car park,
in the ring, rapping or song
I'm sure little bitch, it wont be long
Just face it motherfucker your totally wrong

But if you want to do this then we can do this
Get back to back with 9mm's lets see who cant miss this
At 50 paces, breaths become even spaces
bullets like magnets, taking you to higher places

Fuck guns
Cos We can go hand to hand
We can hit each other with shit until one of us cant stand
Cos we know that your a bitch, holding on to your boyfriends
My lyrics outsell 20%, constantly in demmand
So you bring your fucking crew down here and do just what
you planned,
And I'll bring my fucking crew down here you wiggas gotta

I'm Kamakazie
Motherfucking solo assain
Wanted for murder, theft and robbery and probably teenage
girl harrasing
So fuck my crew, I dont have one, my life just keeps on passing
Standing here by myself but its gonna keep you guessing
If you'll hit me once I'm gonna shoot you, stab you, run you
down, with an armoured truck
The fact is you see, your nothing to me and that I simply
just dont give a fuck
So fuck this shit..I'm done with these rhymes
To be honest the lyrics dont work and none of thems in time
And I have to bends words to make them sound mine
Though my lyrics and songs are still pretty mighty fine
Yours arent better than mine, so get in line

Fight me
Fight me
Fight me
Fight me

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