*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-03-10 18:59:07 (UTC)


Home sick today, I started my concussion medicine
yesterday and just like the doctor said, the side effects
are fierce. They should get less noticable in a couple
days, but they'll be around for the YEAR I have to ake it!
Can you believe that I have to take it for a year? Totally
BUT the most fun and important news is that we got a new
car last night. It's a red Mustang. We went to look at it
and BAM!! we took home with us. I mean how cool is that?!
Those of you who know me know that ahem, we are not LOADED
like CATHY!! LoL. So this is like a big deal. And my
brother can't fit in it so he can't drive it OR ride in it!
I'm sorry but that is WOO HOO worthy! LoL. WOO