ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-10 18:45:46 (UTC)


adam didn't call me yesterday. come to think of it....i
think my phone was unplugged all day....oh well. he didn't
get online either. oh well. i've decided that if he wants
to get in touch w/ me he can IM me or try calling again.
his choice. we're just friends, right? i just have the
urge to talk to him all the time. sometimes we can just
sit together and i'm happy....he calls me 'bud' all the
time so i'm not gonna push anything. we're just friends.
if he suddenly likes me more than a friend that's great,
if not, i've got a great friend here in greenville.

Je vraiment soigne d'Adam. Je suis heureux que nous sommes
des amis. Parfois je souhaite que nous étions un petit
plus, mais cela ne pourrait pas arriver et s'il pas
j'arrive ne sera pas dévasté.

...falling in love
...a special glance
...getting mail (always good)
...a good conversation (adam all the way)
...having someone tell you you're beautiful (i wish...)
...your first kiss (which will not happen for a while)
...making eye contact w/ a cute stranger (will not happen)

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