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Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-10 18:25:30 (UTC)

Monday, monday....

Monday means school. *sigh* Oh well...

Today was alright, but it could have been better. I hadn't
done my biology homework, but when i tried to find my book
to do it, i couldn't find it. I got a lunch detention,
which I did and *then* I found my book, buried at the
bottom of my bag. I've got some awful chemistry to do
too... ^ ^;;

I was reading my "Creative Web Writing" book, and it said
something about the original diaries being "blogs" or
weblogs, in which you kept a list of interesting sites you
had visited that day, so i'm gonna do a bit of that at the
end, if I can be bothered.

Today i'm supposed to be working on my novel, but I
couldn't be bothered. I guess I should, because if I lose
interest an awful lot of work will go to waste.

Tomorrow I have CCF [combined Cadet Force]. I'm in the RAF
section, but at the moment the army and the RAF are doing
the same things; drill and basic weapon training. Drill is
okay, as long as you like looking like a pratt when you
turn the wrong way and you don't mind having orders shouted
at you. I swear all the officers are sadists.... But
anyway, weapon training involves real L98 rifles and
learning to do our NSPs [Normal Safety Proceedure's]. the
corporal who did weapon training last week was a right
pratt who never shut up. At least the RAF uniform is okay-
better than the army's, even if the girls *do* have to wear
a skirt.

Right now, I'm listening to Ayumi Hamasaki "Wishing". It's
a really nice JPOP song.

We might be going out in our usual group after school.
People from two schools- mine and the local comprehensive.
In the group there is [not real names] Cowboy Hat, me,
Suiren, Cat and "King Nothing" [Suiren's boyfriend]. We
have a good laugh. Only me and Suiren come from the Grammar
school though- Suiren lives *ages* away! At least she'll
get to see her boyfriend.

I met my first real boyfriend with that group. ARA, we call
him now. it stands for "Anal Retentive Asshole". We went
out for about a month, but he dumped me for an ex. Great.
Anyway, ARA and me met with the group at the cinema. He was
bad-ass, he smoked, I liked him [like the fool I am]. I
actually had a strange attitude within the group- still
have- the lads are afraid of me, coz that Saturday, I wore
boots and threatened to kick any boy that annoyed me in
various places. I do that everytime now- it's my trademark.
Back to the subject.... I got ARA's mobile number, but he
had no credit. Eventually, half way through the next week,
Cat asked me out for him. Everyone warned me against him...
but would I listen? So now I'm dumped, and i live on the
same street as his girlfriend. Wonderful.

I've always liked writing, and when I started to self-
injure I really got into writing poetry. It expressed my
feelings in a way I couldn't say aloud- a bit like this
diary. I even wrote a few poems about heartbreak and love.
Much good they did me- even when ARA saw them.

I write yaoi [boy/boy from anime's] stories because i can
tell the story of a deep love and passion that extends
beyond sexes. I firmly believe that love is love; whether
straight, gay, lezbian or both.

My latest yaoi story is about Heero/Quatre, Trowa/Duo and
Trieze/Wufei from Gundam Wing. It's an mpreg, which
basically means a male gets a male pregnant. They have to
be really good, or they won't work. In this one, Heero and
Quatre get together to get rid of Relena, fall in love, get
married, and then with the help of two of my original
chara's from a completely innocent story, Quatre gets
pregnant. The child is called 'Lavender', for reasons
explained in the storyline. It also contains a lot of
homophobia, x-dressing and all the stuff fangirls like to
see in a yaoi! [Even BDSM]

Last night i printed off loads of yaoi's for bedtime
reading [no I did not masturbate, i don't even know how!],
and my dad found one. Luckily, it was the last page of a
shounen-ai than only half-printed, and there was nothing
explicitly gay seeing as it was in POV.

Oh well, guess I'll never be normal! ^^;;

Mata ne!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox

Sites i Like from recently: -
a yaoi site, focusing on the pairing 1x3x1 [Trowa and
Heero] from Gundam Wing. - Japanese
English Dictionary Interface [JEDI], which is a great place
for translations. That's where I put together my various
Japanese alias' and those of my friends with Jap names. - a yaoi site with the fandoms
Gravitation, Gundam Wing, Weiß Kreuz, and Final Fantasy
Eight. Rain is such a good writer - gotta love her mpreg!