listen to my silences
2003-03-10 16:03:08 (UTC)

spring break?

i finally figured out why i wrote the poem STILL. i wrote
it a year ago. now is when i really found out the
meaning. crazy. anyways, it's in my head.

so today is the first official day of spring break. i
mean, really it started friday at one o clock. but i had
to work from two until eleven that day. the weather friday
was great. and then the weather on saturday. omigosh it
was awesome. brodie came down to see me, which was really
cool. we walked around outside and talked, and then i was
hungry so i took him to this restaurant called
g.d.ritzy's. sara and i had been there before, and i
thought it would be a place he'd enjoy eating at. i was
right. he said he wasn't hungry when we left, but when we
got there, he ate more than i did! it was funny. he left
at about twelve thirty, cause i had to be at work at one.
i worked until ten. then yesterday i had to work from nine
until six. i came back to the dorm and watched tv from
seven until nine. then i went to bed. and today i have to
work from three until midnight. i have to work next
friday, saturday, and sunday also. so much for spring
break. oh well. it's money, right?

to all who don't know, i'll be coming home on tuesday.
sara's coming with me, just until wednesday, so that should
be fun. i'm staying until either thursday night or friday
morning. who knows.

k well i'm really tired, even though i slept about eleven

final thought: never back down, when they all shy away, you
always listen to me...

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