my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-10 15:57:23 (UTC)

study hall

time:10 something
so yeah my computer kikced me off last night and someone
kept calling and i couldent get back on. i fixed the VCR
which is great b/c i havent been able to watch movies and i
am like is really shitty today. math was so
borring and kevin and fracis were throughing paper at
mrs.blostine. haha it was mad funny. and oh yeah jay froed
his hair out today and it looks awsome. oh my god...i got in
the car and i could not stop laughing. it is great. it is so
weired... him and alison are like tottal opposites. kinda
fucked up but hey what ever floats his boat. i am mad tired
i went to bed at like 9:30 last night and i couldent get up
this morning. i dont know what the deal is. video production
has taped me for the morning anouncements like5 times. it is
so funny. steph asked me to dance for it today and i waslike
na i have already done it. she was like freaking out at me
but what ever. ok i am gonna go to ambers food and nut class
now so i will bbl.

im talking to rich
punkster417: hey

Auto response from MEbrownkittyOW: Im in the shower cleaning my
skanky ass! *leave me one!!!
rub-a-dub-dub im a slpalshing in the.....shower?!!!!!

punkster417: skanky is correct
punkster417: if skanky = sexy & sweet & nice
punkster417: lol
punkster417: AND PERFECT
punkster417: and to good for me
punkster417: yeah if it emans that then yes skany is correct
MEbrownkittyOW: aww thanx rich
punkster417: for what?
punkster417: lol
MEbrownkittyOW: you make me feel so good
MEbrownkittyOW: for the skanky thing
MEbrownkittyOW: lol
MEbrownkittyOW: whats up
MEbrownkittyOW: ?
punkster417: haha ok
punkster417: nmh just b chatten u?
MEbrownkittyOW: oic
MEbrownkittyOW: sounds like fun
MEbrownkittyOW: lol
punkster417: yeah
MEbrownkittyOW: oh i wanted to tell you
punkster417: what?
MEbrownkittyOW: you looked hott with yur hair all spiked
MEbrownkittyOW: i just htough i would tell ya thaT
punkster417: haha thank you
MEbrownkittyOW: no problem
punkster417: oh yeah i have to tell u something
MEbrownkittyOW: ok
punkster417: u look hot ALL THE FUCKEN TIME!
MEbrownkittyOW: haha
MEbrownkittyOW: thanx rich
punkster417: just b staten the obvious
i love that kid! haha and um yeah i just got out of the shower and
dinner was kinda gross.... left overs! and um today was boring. i
went to ambers food and nut class then to lunches c and d. amber
bought me ice cream... kenny tryed to smeer it in my face... then he
stole my bag and water bottle.. he folowed me to the locker...
actually i draged him there... then he ran off to class. umm yeah.
then i went to creativer foods and we made tasty sanwiches and fried
dough. yummy. then the bus ride home... aghhh i flashed little dan.
i warped him. haha it was mad funny.ummm it is sos cold out side it
isnt even kewl. it is suposed to be warm this weekewnd though. i
gotta work on fri sat and sun.i wanted to go to the dance but i
guess that isnt gonna happen. gerrr. i really wanted to go.
tomarrrow is gonna be so buisy....i am leaving school at 2 then off
to the shrink i go... then to tanning at 4:15 then home... tacos for
dinner.. then to tutoring from 7-8:30.... ughhi am gonna be dead by
the end of the day. and ummm i have mad math home work to do.. i
thinki might get it done tonight so i dont have to tomarrow...or i
will do it in the car on the way to the DR's..i dont know i will
fuiger something out. but i gotta go print some stuff out so i will
let all ya go and do yur buisness!!! haha i flashed little dan!!!!
listing to: i feel fine.... lalalal knock me on my ass again but i
dont mind.....

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